Our Story

Safdie & Co was founded in 1953 by Leon Safdie. The company started by importing kitchen textiles and grew into one of Canada’s largest home fashion importers.

After Leon’s passing in 1986, the company became a family run business lead by Gabriel Safdie. In 2015, Jeffrey Kirstein, Safdie & Co’s Executive Sales Director for over 30 years became President and CEO, through an acquisition.

Since 2015, the company has ventured into many different categories by opening houseware, furniture and E-commerce divisions to complement its existing business.

Safdie & Co has expanded to service major retailers around the world as well as local businesses. Our focus is on quality, design and customer care.

Social Responsibility

Safdie & Co. recognizes the importance of socially responsible manufacturing. We work with our business partners and our factories to source ethically produced products. We conduct regular internal and independent factory audits to ensure that our suppliers meet the rigorous standards set by our Quality Control Department and our customers.